On the border between Ukraine and Russia formed a queue of more than 200 trucks

Today, July 14, at the international automobile border crossing points between Ukraine and Russia have accumulated more than 220 gruzovikov.Kak reported in the Central Customs Administration (CTS) to enter Russia from Ukraine (the post office and Troebortnoye Pohar) were 150 and 70 trucks respectively. As reported in the Bryansk Customs of the Russian Federation in punktk pass Troebortnoye today is meeting the leaders of the Bryansk Customs, representatives of regional administrations, Bryansk branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosgranstroy. "To resolve the situation of the other regional customs directorates are assigned 39 people to gain duty shifts," — reported in the Bryansk Customs. Recall queuing caused by the transfer on June 29 the Russian customs office for Transport, veterinary and phytosanitary control. Wednesday, July 13, Customs has addressed the participants of foreign economic activity with a request to adjust and use alternative routes, less running and crossing points. In particular, according to statistics CTS no queues at the entrance to the Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk Customs: Graivoron posts, Nehoteevka, Shebeko, Bugaevka, Krupets, Sudzha.Napomnim, in January, the Ukrainian-Slovak border have a queue of 200 trucks. Basically it consisted of a Russian carrier due to the fact that the Association of International Road Transport temporarily absent permission to move goods from Russia through Poland.

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